A Belamari

Lançada no ano de 2019, a marca Belamari, presente no portfólio de pastilhas de porcelana da NGK do Brasil veio para o mercado com o objetivo de transmitir os principais atributos de suas tradicionais pastilhas de porcelana, recognized for beauty, sophistication and enchantment, featuring colors and reliefs in line with global design trends, with an emphasis on Innovation in the development of exclusive pieces that feature unique reliefs and original colors.

The name Belamari refers to the oriental origin of NGK do Brasil and the quality of the porcelain tiles. Symbol of sophistication and status, Japanese porcelain fostered intense international trade from Japan to the West, and the production was transported mainly through the port of Imari. Thus, the name Belamari is a creation that unites the prefix Bela de bonito, linda, attractive and charming — with the suffix Mari from the port of Imari. The result is a single word, timeless, que contempla ao mesmo tempo, the concepts of "enchantment, Tradition and Technical Safety".

Meio Ambiente e Qualidade

A certificação ISO 14.001, won with exclusivity in the porcelain tile market, comprova todo o respeito da empresa com o meio ambiente. Destaque também para a certificação ISO 9.001, que comprova toda a tradição em qualidade, product safety and durability. The Belamari brand was born respecting the environment and having all the excellence and reliability already recognized by NGK do Brasil products. A Belamari em seu portfólio de produtos completo, oferece soluções para áreas externas, internal, leisure areas, swimming pools and other coating solutions.


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