Building a swimming pool is a dream of many people, after all, who doesn't want to cool off and have a leisurely time at home.

In the construction of the swimming pool, several questions arise, such as: which model will my pool have? Small, medium or large? Which coating to apply? what depth? Among several questions.

Thinking about it, Belamari brought some tips that can help in the choices, remember to have an architectural professional, designer or engineering is the first decision to make!

1 – Choose the installation location:

The placement of the pool must be chosen according to some aspects of the property, the incidence of the sun, shades, winds and proximity to trees should be considered.

The land to build the pool must also be analyzed., checking the possibility of excavation, identify the presence of stones, pipes, tree roots, if there is a water table or even if it is a landfill site, are important points that should be considered..

The irregular topography requires more specific actions, so I have to have a differentiated analysis.

2 – How to Build a Masonry Pool:

Measures such as depth, shallow areas, edges, whirlpool, if you want, you should consider.

To define the measurements, the thickness of all layers must be considered., waterproofing, cement, coating…

Another space that needs to be thought of is the space for movement of professionals during the work.

very hot city, need to cover the space that will be seated, because the mortar can dry very fast.

Other construction steps of the road masonry pool according to methods and materials, taking into account the following steps:

  • Assembly of frames;
  • Construction and concreting of walls;
  • piping placement;
  • Preparation of the pool bottom;
  • Concreting the bottom;
  • Coating and waterproofing;
  • Finishing and landscaping, if you want.

3 – Integrate the pool with the environment:

In addition to being functional, the pool needs to integrate with the residential project, considering the concept of the house, colors and elements, enabling an integration of the pool and the image of the property.

For or floor next to pool, the ideal is to use an adhesive to avoid accidents.

Decks, cascatas, lighting, hydromassage area or sauna are interesting options that enhance and aesthetically make the environment more harmonious.

It is important to remember that periodic pool maintenance is essential., in order to keep the water always clean and healthy.

Below are some projects with Belamari products:


Project: SF Architecture Product DR614 Blue Castilians


Project: SF Architecture Product DR613 Verde Maragogi


Project: SF Architecture Product DR613 Verde Maragogi