Lighting plays a very important role in environments and this item must be thought of within the project in general, because its function goes far beyond simply clearing spaces.

Lighting can enhance a certain space, divide the environments or highlight decorative objects, in addition to creating different sensations depending on the color and intensity of this lighting.

In this toilet created by the office of catar architecture of Maringá/PR, the luminaire reflects on the mirror and on the inserts, creating targeted lighting to highlight this entire area of ​​the lavatory, not to mention that only this lamp becomes a great decorative element for this environment.

Another way to work with targeted lighting is through spots, lampshades or lamp, as in this project by designer Cátia Furlan, from Campinas/SP, where the lamp is directed to the side table.

In the design of this kitchen designed by the architect Viviana Fonseca de Belém/PA, the built-in shelf lighting, highlighted the insert in a very smooth way. Indirect lighting creates a more intimate environment, giving a more welcoming feeling, usually this type of lighting is placed in ceilings, frames on the floor or as in this case, embedded in some furniture.

Lighting can also be present, mainly in washrooms and bathrooms, through mirrors with built-in lighting, which is a strong trend. In addition to the sophisticated touch it gives to the environment, the lighting built into mirrors makes for practicality and better visibility, without the risk of shadows when putting on make-up or shaving.