Brand is one of the highlights of Casa Alva – a project conceived by BC Arquitetos to promote sensations of well-being and relaxation in the intimate spa – which has a bathroom, massage space and thermal water pool


The bathroom and swimming pool at Casa Alva at CASACOR SP 2021 are fully coated with Belamari ingots, Beige Maia RPIM model 352

Balance and lightness are part of the concept of Casa Alva from BC Arquitetos for CASACOR SP 2021 – a space that strives for calm, well-being and connection with nature. The project's highlight is the intimate spa, composed of massage area, bath room and swimming pool with thermal treatment. For the shower, a kind of box was developed that extends to the pool and this entire part of the project is lined with Belamari porcelain tiles, in the Beige Mayan model (RPIM 352).

How Casa Alva was designed to promote the exaltation of relaxation, Bruno Carvalho and Camila Avelar opted for the Belamari Pastilhas finish precisely because of the natural and rustic aspect of the coating, that perfectly matches the other elements of the project.

The finish selected by the BC Arquitetos office to cover the shower area and the entire pool at Casa Alva is part of the Belamari Rupestre Line. The models in this collection combine the cozy look of natural materials with the practicality and durability of porcelain tiles and can be applied indoors and outdoors, both on floors and walls.
As dark cover, irregular edges and texture, the Mayan Beige porcelain insert (RPIM 352) with Primitive finish has natural stone appearance, it is non-slip and has hammered relief.

It is also important to note that, Belamari porcelain tiles have very low water absorption, therefore they are ideal for finishing wet areas and swimming pools.. All this because during manufacturing, the pieces are exposed to a long burning process, that made them practically impermeable and extremely resistant to temperature variations. Therefore, they don't stain, don't even change color.



Casa Alva looks like a monochromatic box full of cutouts, curves and textures, that have in the presence of elements like water, wind, fire and light, a strong connection with nature.

"The word white symbolizes clarity, the lightness and luminosity. Os recortes presentes no projeto evidenciam as entradas de luz e principalmente essa aproximação com a natureza. Os traços simples com detalhes arredondados conferem um ar poético e afetivo ao ambiente”, explains architect Bruno Carvalho.

Recognized for its authentic designs that follow clean and timeless lines, where works of art and design pieces stand out in the decor, the BC Architects office, conceived a space in which all attention is “turned inwards”, Casa Alva values, in its essence, various concepts of biophilia, that seek to promote the reconnection with elements of nature, like fire – characterized by the presence of the suspended fireplace in the living room; the water - represented by the thermal bath, mainly in the pool with hot spring; the wind - which circulates freely due to the absence of barriers between the environments; the light – which is evidenced by the different cutouts and the “green” – observed in the composition of the garden plants, both the one located in the outdoor area, as for the internal one – both developed by the landscaper Sandro Ward.